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This book tells the story of Ben Hardaway's life as a foxhunter. It chronicles his early love of hunting and continues with his growth as a hunter, and his emergence as one of the world's foremost breeders of foxhounds. His story is a documented anecdote by anecdote, depicting Hardaway's exploits at home and abroad. It is rife with characters who had a profound influence on Hardaway's life and his development as a hunter and breeder. Though biographical in nature, the book serves as a guide to breeding, training, and hunting a pack of hounds. It is not scientifically technical in its perspective, but rather is told by the Master himself in prose which is crisp, earthy, and lends to the reader a refreshing ambience seasoned with the trademark Hardaway humor.

"Never Outfoxed" by B. H. Hardaway, III Delux Leather Bound Book with Case

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