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"If you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes"

Benjamin H. Hardaway III

The Midland Fox Hounds was started in 1960 by Ben Hardaway III, grandfather of the current leader of the organization, Mason Hardaway Lampton.  Ben Hardaway's breeding program continues to this day by his son-in-law and grandson is well known in the foxhunting world globally.  Ben Hardaway is also the author of the book Never Outfoxed, a history of his life in foxhunting and his experiences in England, Ireland, France and elsewhere. Midland's bloodlines are in England, Ireland, and Australia.  These hounds are known for their keen scent, cry, and obedience.  Midland has won many hound shows including the Virginia Hound Show at Morven Park, Leesburg Virginia and Bryn Mawr in Radnor Pennsylvania.  The most recent champion hound, Midland Striker, won many shows and his offspring are winning today and are in more than 10 packs.


Midland recently hosted the National Performance Trial in 2018 bringing hounds from all over North America to compete in the legendary Fitzpatrick country.  This trial raised money for the MFHA Foundation and was a great success.  Midland's leadership, Ben Hardaway and Mason H Lampton, have  served as President of the Masters of Foxhound Association.  Mason Hardaway Lampton currently serves as Treasurer of the organization and serves on the Executive Committee.   The Masters of Foxhounds Association is the governing body of mounted hunting with hounds in North America. 


Midland Foxhounds has a strong membership of over 100 people.  We meet from October to March and hunt three times per week.   We stable over forty horses and 90 hounds.  Leadership at the Midland Foxhounds is dedicated to maintaining a hunt of the highest quality and contributing to the development of mounted hunting that is also of high quality. 

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