The Midland Fox Hounds was organized right after World War II and recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association in 1950.  Benjamin H. Hardaway, III and Dr. Jack C. Hughston were elected Joint Masters with Ben Hardaway acting as huntsman. The pack at first consisted of July hounds that Ben had since a teenager.  The hunt was given considerable support by the officers at nearby Fort Benning, Georgia, who were deprived of their sport when the United States Army sold all of their horses in 1948 and the Infantry School Hunt was disbanded.  The Midland Fox Hounds bought horses, saddles and pink coats from the Fort Benning dispersal. We still have the infantry blue as our hunt colors.


From 1948 to the present, Midland has established hunt countries with varying terrain and hunting conditions in Georgia and Alabama.  These are regularly hunted four days a week. For this incredible asset we are indebted to our gracious landowners.


Ben Hardaway hunted the hounds for 45 years and gave up the horn to Mason Houghland Lampton in 1989.   Since then Mason has carried on the same breeding regiment for blending the cry, nose and speed of the July foxhound with the tractability and confirmation of the English Fell foxhound.  The Midland crossbred hounds have been drafted by many packs internationally as a source of the highest performance in hunting.



William A. Ward - 2019 to Present

Mason Hardaway Lampton - 2004 to Present

Thomas B. Coleman - 2012 to Present

John F. Flournoy - 1998 to 2019

Mason H. Lampton - 1989 to Present

Dr. George F. Seier - 1998-2016

Frank W. Carroll - 1984-1998

Clifford A. Lanier, Jr. - 1984-1998

Theodore Hoffman - 1975-1984

Byron A. Waddell - 1974-1984

Benjamin H. Hardaway, III - 1950-2017

Dr. Jack Hughston - 1950-1984